Wendy Witchner Jewelry
Handmade jewelry designed & crafted by the Gypsy Jeweler
  2011 rings
Handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry, one-of-a-kind or limited pieces.   Artisan Wendy Witchner travels across America with her faithful four-footed companion Allie, and along the way she finds new and challenging designs to create and add to her ever-evolving jewelry repertoire.

Three separate collections have been created, each one unique and special. Those familiar with Wendy's work know that she has developed great wire-wrapping techniques over the years and is often found mentoring to others by illustrating her methods through her teaching. 

Wendy displays her original handcrafted jewelry at various art shows across the country and she invites you to meet her at one of these events if you are in the area (check show schedule here).

Her jewelry is also available at a few select galleries and retail stores. Through this Web site we are proud to make a few pieces available to Wendy's loyal customers, as well as to introduce others to her hand crafted jewelry designs.

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